Songbird Slough

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Songbird Slough

The 391-acre preserve is a part of a large glacial kettle formation that is the low point for a 1,000-acre watershed that drains the surrounding urban area. Songbird Slough is a combination of natural and constructed wetlands, fishing ponds, restored prairies, and meadows. This urban retreat serves as a nesting spot for numerous grassland and song birds, and is a great spot for wildlife viewing, especially during waterfowl migration season. The preserve also serves area residents and businesses by collecting storm-water overflow, thus providing flood control.


Hikers and bicyclists can utilize the one-mile paved road in the preserve, but presently there are no nature trails or footpaths.


Anglers can try their luck with the fish that live in the 14-acre lake or the three-acre pond. Please obey fishing restricted area. All anglers 16 and older (except legally disabled persons) are required to have valid Illinois sport fishing licenses in their possession and must follow District and state regulations.

Recent Observations

User contributed image from Alan Anderson containing Cedar Waxwing on Songbird Slough Preserve 5 months 3 weeks ago at Songbird Slough, Alan Anderson observed ...
Cedar Waxwings at the cedar area of Songbird Slough, just south of Bloomingdale Road. Three waxwings, each landing in a different cedar. Last year a nest was found in this general area (not yet...
8 months 2 weeks ago at Songbird Slough, sms1225 observed ...
At 8:30 a.m., my husband and I heard Chorus Frogs.

Nature Notes

2 years 9 months ago at Songbird Slough Carl Strang noted ... For now, this Observe Your Preserve (OYP) website is a reference, providing information on the forest preserves, their ecosystems, and the species found in them. Future plans for site expansion will...

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